The renovations continue!

Things are shaping up at the Old Stone Mill with first floor renovations well underway. Electricity and plumbing are being installed and the bathrooms, office space, sewing center and machine shop walls are framed and being finished.


Mike and Leni have been trying out some homemade solar thermal panels after Rose let them know about experiments that Bruce from Berkshire Environmental Action Team tried. We’re looking into a temperature monitoring system to test out different designs. With so much sunlight pouring in to the south-southwest wall, it’s just begging for experimentation!

More announcements to come soon about more community collaborations and re-use efforts, including supplying discontinued linens to shelters in the region.  Also under development is the other clean energy heating strategy – compost heating system. We’re working with the folks at Agrilab, who usually helps farms with cow-power systems. This will be a rare system on a site that DOESN’T generate manure and waste. Stay tuned!


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